• A Staging of Snow Geese by Barry Lopez
    • Lopez visits one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in California, the annual migration of snow geese in Tulelake.
  • Total Eclipse by Annie Dillard
    • A stunning, somewhat terrifying description of a total eclipse in Washington.
  • The Hiding Place by Robert MacFarlane
    • An excerpt from Underland, MacFarlane’s “exploration of deep time.” How do we dispose of nuclear waste? Are we being good ancestors?
  • Atchafalaya by John McPhee
    • An excerpt from Control of Nature, this essay is about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ attempt to tame the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers.
  • A Big Theory of Culture by Brian Eno
    • Why do we “do culture?” By the musical icon and author of A Year with Swollen Appendices.
  • A Kingdom from Dust by Mark Arax
    • About Wonderful Foods’ dominance over California agriculture and the battle for water and resources.


  • Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin’s daily blog about everything
  • Wait but Why – Big ideas, irreverently explained
  • Zen Habits – Self-improvement from a Zen perspective
  • Farnam Street – Better thinking and decision-making through the use of mental models


  • Akimbo – Seth Godin’s podcast about bending the culture
  • The Knowledge Project – From Farnam Street, a podcast dedicated to timeless ideas and mental models.


  • Ginny Burdick – Pastels, Oils and Watercolors focused on nature, particularly around California’s Sierra Nevada.
  • Noelle Phares – Landscape and structure in symbiosis.