Vectors of Transmission

The Giant Cultural Parasite, Part 8 In the last section, I said we’d be getting into meme resources this time around, but as I started to write , I realized we need to break apart the meme cycle first. So that’s what we’ll do today, and we should be able to dive into meme resources … Read more

What’s a Meme?

The Giant Cultural Parasite, Part 7 What’s a Meme? We’re now going to make a jump out of the physical world and into the world of ideas. When I say “make a jump” I mean that there are a number of steps building up from the natural selection of organisms and the evolution of niches … Read more


The Giant Cultural Parasite, Part 6 This article is part 6 of a series about memetics, or natural selection applied to the world of ideas. You can read the other parts here: Part 1: IntroductionPart 2: PatternsPart 3: ReplicatorsPart 4: Replicator DominationPart 5: Replicator Goals A few sections ago, I said the following: “we can … Read more