Lost in the Sierra Nevada

We were lost in the Sierra Nevada, and it was my fault. I climbed up to the top of a rock and looked out at the best view we had had in close to an hour. My heart sank. The valley we were following led down to a narrow gap between two granite spires and … Read more

The Wilderness of the Mind

This morning, I’m contemplating the wilderness of the mind. Wilderness can seem chaotic and dangerous.  In reality, it’s highly organized, it’s just highly organized in a way that doesn’t necessarily favor us.  So we look for affordances to deal with wilderness to our own advantage. In the external world, we deal with wilderness in a few different … Read more

PCT Interlude

I’ve just had a week off-trail. During that time I’ve been planning for the next section, running errands, and enjoying the many comforts of non-trail life such as movies, food, and chairs with backs. I’ve also been reflecting on my experience so far. So what has the trail been like so far? It’s been full … Read more